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Guinea-Bissau Flag Meaning and History

Guinea-Bissau Flag Description:
The flag of Guinea-Bissau consists of two equal size horizontal stripes - the top stripe is yellow; and the bottom one is green. On the left side of the flag is a red vertical stripe with a black five-pointed star in the center of it.

Guinea-Bissau Flag Meaning:
The black star on the Guinea-Bissau flag symbolizes freedom and the African people; the red stripe represents the blood spilt for the country's liberty and for the nation's suffering during colonial rule; while the yellow represents the sun and labor; and the green stands for the lush vegetation, agriculture and hope of Guinea-Bissau.

Guinea-Bissau Flag History:
The Guinea-Bissau flag was adopted on September 24, 1973, the day the country declared independence from Portugal.

Interesting Guinea-Bissau Flag Facts:
The Guinea-Bissau flag incorporates the Pan-African colors of red, yellow and green, which have been adopted by many African ex-colonies to symbolize African independence and unity.

It is believed the Pan-African colors of the Guinea-Bissau flag originated from the flag of Ethiopia, the oldest independent nation in Africa.

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