Tuesday, December 11, 2012

North Korea Flag Meaning and History

North Korean Flag Description:
The flag of North Korea consists of a red background with a blue horizontal stripe at the top and bottom of the flag. Just above the bottom blue stripe, and just below the top blue stripe, are thin white horizontal stripes. Towards the left of the North Korean flag on the red background lies a white circle with a red, five-pointed star in the middle of it.

North Korean Flag Meaning:
The blue stripes represent sovereignty, peace and friendship and the red represents communism and revolutionary patriotism. The white is a traditional Korean color and stands for purity and the culture of the Korean people. The red star symbolizes the communist philosophy of the country. The white circle is linked to the yin-yang symbol in the flag of South Korea. Before their separation, Korea used the current South Korean flag.

North Korean Flag History:
The North Korean flag was adopted on September 8, 1948. The USSR and USA divided Korea in half after World War II, with the USSR occupying the north and the USA occupying the south.

Interesting North Korean Flag Facts:
Before Korea was divided into two separate states the current South Korean flag was used by the entire country.

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